Our Advisors

  • Darin Gibson

    Darin Gibson

    Managing Partner
  • Taylor Boyd

    Taylor Boyd

  • Ryan Call

    Ryan Call

    Retirement Consultant
  • Jenny Kim

    Jenny Kim

    Business Administration
  • Kyle Labeaune

    Kyle Labeaune

    Operations Analyst
  • Clancy Lackey

    Clancy Lackey

    New Business Coordinator
  • Joe Park

    Joe Park

    Director of Retirement Services
  • Sina Soltani

    Sina Soltani

    Financial Advisor
  • Todd Stahl

    Todd Stahl

    Director of Wealth Management
  • Dan M. Stevens

    Dan M. Stevens

    Financial Advisor
  • Eric Targoff

    Eric Targoff, CFA

    Operations Analyst
  • Jeffrey Warnock

    Jeffrey Warnock

    Financial Advisor
  • Laurie Sowa-Westwood

    Laurie Sowa-Westwood

    Client Account Manager
  • Steve Yu

    Steve Yu

    Director of Investment Research