Financial and Estate Planning Strategies

Defining your legacy.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life? For whom do you want to provide? How will you define your legacy?

No matter what cards the economy holds for us today, the smartest thing we can do is to plan for our own futures and take control of our own financial destinies.

At Burnham Gibson, our planning and investment philosophy focuses on helping clients achieve their goals and objectives, with an emphasis on linking their current financial situation, aspirations and lifestyle. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals take a long-term perspective so that you can plan to meet financial goals in the future as well as today.

The Burnham Gibson comprehensive financial planning process is structured into five different segments:

Step 1: Discovery

During the discovery process, our primary goal is to listen as you share your goals and objectives. We also gather quantitative data, such as investment and insurance statements, tax returns, benefit plans, income statements, expenses, and existing estate structure information. From this, we can obtain a clearer picture of your true financial situation.

Step 2: Analysis

We develop a draft analysis that we can use to compare your existing planning with your communicated goals and objectives, and identify any disconnects.

Step 3: Strategy

We create a final plan accompanied with specific recommendations to meet your stated goals. Recommendations are made comprehensively in the areas of:

Step 4: Implementation

We can help you manage the execution of the stated strategy, from A to Z, to help ensure that your financial future is on track.

Step 5: Monitoring

We help monitor your plan, so that when personal changes occur we can react proactively and adjust strategies to stay on course.